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Goldeneye Kennels - Dog Boarding | Breeding Buckley, MI


  • Built more like a home

  • 50 secluded areas

  • Heated and air conditioned

  • Ceramic tiled

  • Personal outside running area

  • Very clean

  • In-kennel stereo and television

  • Quiet and calm atmosphere

  • Large 8 x 10 kennels

  • Small 4 x 8 kennels

  • Accept 15 dogs per day

  • Extra-large kennels available to fit 2 or more  dogs

  • Use only 26 foot flexi lead leashes


Does your pup have a difficult time adjusting to new places? Goldeneye Kennels has worked hard to build kennels that will make your furry friend feel like they are right at home instead of in a kennel. All of our outdoor kennels are roof covered and safely secured to keep your dog dry and safe from harm.

Regular Walk Schedule for your Favorite Companion

  • Personal walks with Kim begin at 6:00 AM with breakfast following

  • Second walk is at 9:00 AM

  • Noon walk (and swimming when weather permits)

  • 4:00 PM walks end with dinner following

  • Last walk of the day starts at 9:00 PM

Dog Rules and Regulations

Some dogs get along well with others, so we allow them to play together. The dogs who do not enjoy being around other pets are always kept alone, so they do not become frightened or defensive. If your dog is well-behaved, we let them run free and explore the woods or walk off lead while other dogs are always kept on a leash to learn good behaviors.

Schedule your Visit Today!

You are welcome to visit Goldeneye Kennels and go for a walk with your dog, so you can see the routine at the boarding kennel. For more information or to set up a walk, call Kim Shearer today at 231-269-3133.


Rates (for 24 hours):

1 dog


2 dogs (same kennel)


3 dogs (same kennel)


The given rates include 5 walks daily. Only spayed or neutered dogs

are allowed.

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